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Discography of my "LL Records" (1998-2001) and "Cache Records"

LL Records Berlin

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Cache Records Berlin

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Cat No. Project Picture Audio access detailed information
LL 001 Various Artists - untitled, produced by agent cooper, NAB, imap, released Sept. 1998 LL 001 mp3
LL 002 agent cooper + thee come organization - Testcard EP, produced by agent cooper, Roger 23, released ca. Mar. 1999 LL 002 mp3 co-prod. with Roger 23
LL 003 Pacou - Sound of thought, produced by Pacou, released ca. Dec. 1998 LL 003 mp3 making of a concept
LL 004 agent cooper - raw breaks, reproduced and updated by agent cooper, released May 2000 Ron Murphy mp3
LL 005 Echoplex - Searchin` , produced by Echoplex, released July 2000 LL 05 mp3
LL 006 Tollstoi - Jam /El ritmo me gusta, produced by Tollstoi, released Sept. 2000 LL 06 mp3
LL 007 Christian Bloch - Paradigm, by C. Bloch, released Nov. 2000 LL 07 mp3
LL 008 Echoplex - Divisible, produced by Echoplex, released Feb. 2001 LL 08 mp3
LL 009 Digital PrinceZZ - Constitution of Sound, produced by Echoplex, released Apr. 2001

LL 9

LL 010 Jeroen - Bits, released July 2001 Jeroen mp3
LL 011 IMAX - DeepChord tracks, released August 2001 IMAX LL 11 mp3

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